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Family Sonam

Wanted: Sponsor for Family Sonam in Southindia

Familie-Sonam-01Family Sonam lives in the refugee camp in Southindia. They have one son.

Their son has been ill since birth - he suffers with epilepsy. Mrs. Sonam has severe walking difficulties, caused through an unsuccessful operation on her knee and suffers from a nerve disease.

Mr. Sonam works in a carpet factory as a night watchman. For this strenuous work he recieves the equivalent of about Fr. 150.00 per Month. They have no health insurance cover, nor are they covered against loss of earnings, as we are here in switzerland. They have no external support and have to rely solely on themselves. Mr. Sonam told me, that he often thinks of suicide because he sees no way out and has lost all hope. They are utterly distraught because of their living conditions. he told me that the last time they were able to eat any meat, was 3 months earlier.

Familie-Sonam-02To obtain the necessary medicines to treat the illnesses of mother and son, he has now sold all their remaining possessions. Even then, there just isn't enough to cover their needs. Both mother and son have stopped getting treatment, because they cannot afford to pay the costs.

The roof of their house has many broken tiles, so during the monsoon, it rains into the house.

Because of all this, I am seeking someone to help Family Sonam.

If you would like to help Family Sonam, then please contact them yourself directly in India. The best way is by letter.

The address is:
Mr. Karma Sonam
Camp No. 5 House 26
P.O. Tibetan Colony 581411
Distt Karwar Mundgod
Karnataka Stadt

The camp is also reachable by phone: 0041 830 124 50 99

Family Sonam's kitchen

Family Sonam's home